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Bridal Henna

Congratulations on this exciting time!

Bridal Henna is a great addition to your special day to celebrate getting married. Traditionally henna is used to beautify and bless the bride for the wedding.

To book a bridal henna package, a $50 in person consultation is required ($50 will go towards bridal package if you choose to book). During the consultation we will discuss which plan is right for you, how I will personalize your henna design, and


Henna must be applied 2-3 days prior to the event and there is a travel fee
of $0.60/mile round trip from Grand Rapids


Bridal Plans

Freshly applied henna➡️ henna paste righ

Simple Bride

This plan is perfect for a bride who wants simple henna. This plan includes henna on the back of the hand up to wrist and intricate palms. A

simple top of the feet design also included.

Time: 2 hours Cost: $250

Elegant Bride

This elegant plan includes henna going half way up the arm, intricate palms, and a simple top of the foot design.

Time: 4 hours Cost: $350

Traditional Bride

For the traditional bride, detailed henna going up to the elbows, intricate palms, and the top of foot and ankle.

Time: 6 hours Cost: $500

Bridal Party


Henna for the bridal party and family is the perfect way to include everyone in the


Fully customized henna starts at $30 per hand.

Henna Paste

We use only 100% natural henna. Made with organic henna powder, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, lemon juice, and sugar.

Enjoy unlimited henna for your family and friends!
Henna is a perfect addition to any

celebration, leaving guests with beautiful art they can wear.

Cost: $250 for the first two hours. Any additional time is $100/hr.

Add an additional artist for $70/hr.

Wedding reception, bachelorette,
          and bridal shower 

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